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Narrative Essay

As one of the key types of writing, the narrative essay allows individuals the opportunity to tell a story to their reader; as a result, this type of essay is often very personal or anecdotal. Some writers use this as an opportunity to be creative, while others drawn on real-world experiences. Regardless of the motivation, it is important that if the narrative essay is telling a story, it should include all the necessary parts of a story, including introduction, plot, characters, climax, and conclusion. Narrative EssayThe essay should also have a clear purpose; this can be providing a form of entertainment if the essay is in a story format, or it could be to provide a moral lesson if told as a parable of sorts.

The narrative essay needs to be clear and logical; there should be a distinct point of view, though this does not always have to be the author’s point of view. Narration can be in first-person or third-person, depending on the type of essay the author seeks to create, and while the language used in a narrative essay can be descriptive and complex, it is important that it be clear. One should not be unnecessarily wordy when writing a narrative essay; the language should be as concise as possible, given the level of description the author is trying to provide. Finally, it is integral that the narrative essay be organized. When telling a story, there should be a clear chronological order; when chronicling events, they should be told in a way that is logical and easy to understand. While the narrative essay can take on a host of different forms, organization is the key to a successful finished piece.

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