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Napoleonic Era Research Papers

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The reign of Napoleon Bonaparte began what is known as the Napoleonic Era.  With this reign came many campaigns organized by Napoleon. 

  • He started with the defeat of Austria at Marengo and Hohenlinden in 1800. 
  • The Treaty of Amiens followed this in 1802, which officially ended the Revolutionary War.
  • From 1800 to 1814, Napoleon instituted the Peninsular Wars during the Napoleonic Era.
  • In 1805 Britain formed a coalition with Sweden, Austria, Russia, and Naples against France

Once again Napoleon’s notable strategic skill enabled him to defeat the Austrians and the Russians at Ulm and Austerlitz respectfully.  Napoleonic EraDespite every attempt, Napoleon could not however, defeat the British Navy, which denied him access to the shores of Britain during the Napoleonic Era. His ultimate goal, though never realized, was to capture all of Europe.  This facilitated several campaigns by Napoleon’s Grand Army.  By cutting off trade to Britain from all French allies, Bonaparte hoped to destroy Britain.  Unable to do so, Napoleon captured Spain and Portugal forcing the King of Spain to give up his crown.

The territories in Europe that Napoleon did acquire during the Napoleonic Era encompassed a vast triangle through Europe from Pyrenees Mountains in the Southwest to the Elbe River in the North and to the coast at Dalmatia in the Southeast.  This allowed him the access to such titles as King of Italy, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation, and Protector of the Rhine Confederation.  He also gave his three brothers titles to other kingdoms.  Jerome was king of Westphalia, Joseph was king of Naples, and Louis was king of the Netherlands.

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