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The Mystery of the Bible Research Paper

This is a research paper topic on The Mystery of the Bible movie. The paper will center on both volumes and discuss the nature of bible as it relates to religion. Paper Masters will custom write your research paper on any Bible topic or film.

Need to view the film The Mystery of the Bible by A&E (American Entertainment). Be sure to include in your research paper the following elements:

  • Was the film The Mystery of the Bible objective? The Mystery of the Bible
  • Was The Mystery of the Bible comprehensive?
  • What would you have added to enhance The Mystery of the Bible's educational value?

A&E The Greatest Stories called "Mysteries of the Bible".

  1. Volume 1. Greatest Secrets / Biblical Angels
  2. Volume 2. Heaven & Hell / Herod the Great

This set includes four episodes of The Mystery of the Bible: The Bible's Greatest Secrets

The Bible is the equivalent of a treasure map in this archeological edition of A&E's Mysteries of the Bible series. Both contemporary scientists and those from the last century have taken their cues from the scriptures when digging, leading to excavation of the 3,000-year-old remains of the towns of Beersheba and Capernaum. Also, there are accidental finds like a shepherd's 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in a cave. This 45-minute tape, narrated by Richard Kiley, examines the relationship between archaeology and the Bible, illuminating such personalities as Sir William Flinders Petrie, whose ballerina attire convinced the Egyptians it would be harmless to let him measure the pyramids. The husband-and-wife team of Eric and Carol Meyers explain how their work on the Masada both confirms and contradicts the only contemporaneous historical account of the siege and mass suicide there. Finally, there's a good example of technology at work: electromagnetic images eliminate random digging, computer models graphically resurrect ancient Jerusalem.

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