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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A common assignment on My Big Fat Greek Wedding is as follows:

How you analyze an opening scene: please watch ONLY the first 15 minutes of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

Source: the movie only
For My Big Fat Greek Wedding Research Paper there are 2 pages needed but no more than 3 pages for the project. Write 2-3 paragraphs, could be more but not too many.

Only need 1 to 3 sentences to answer the following items below for the opening scene.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The Following Questions are to be answered in My Big Fat Greek Wedding Research Paper

  1. Is this a long shot establishing scene. Yes or no, don’t need to explain. If not, then state there is no longshot/establishing scene.
    Long shot – see entire shot, main character, the establishing scene or shot that sets the scene, overall view from a distance of whole scene often used as an establishing – to set the scene. Person – will show whole body.
  2. Beginning Story line – not the plot, the story, what do you see with the character(s),does the narrator know the omniscient or partial omniscient, yes or no, give one line about the narration.
  3. Demographics/scene- location, economic era, or year
  4. Temporal Concepts – is it a holiday, time of day, rainy, sunny, is it a sad or happy moment (emotions)
  5. Mood
  6. Characters – identify protagonist, antagonist, or secondary
  7. Symbolism – look for in the opening scene
  8. Context – identify one of the following context below, a, b, or c that fits the movie.
    A. Social Context – gender roles, marriage, conventions, morals, class
    B. Cultural Context – look for examples of interaction potential for conflict. Attitudes & values expressed by both groups.
    C. Historical Context – look for examples of symbols of the “old world” and “new world”, costume and its appropriateness, visible attempts to change the environment.

PLEASE NOTE: make it simple and to the point, simple vocabulary usage please. Nothing too advanced for a My Big Fat Greek Wedding Research Paper.

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