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Muslim Calendar Research Papers

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A good response will begin with a brief summary of relevant basic concepts and/or definition of basic terms, then proceed to respond to the particulars of the prompt. In assessing this work, consideration will be given to the thoroughness with which the topic is addressed, as well as the extent to which the response incorporates conventions of the academic study of religion (especially objectivity and respect for difference).

Muslim Calendar

Muslim Calendar Research Papers begin as follows:

In World Religions Today, John L. Esposito has observed that the Muslim calendar dates from the hijra to Medina and the creation there of the first Islamic community (umma) because “[t]he community, as much as the individual, was to be the vehicle for realizing God’s will on earth”. In an ideal Muslim community, sharia, the divine law of Islam, would regulate every aspect of life in order to strengthen the community and guarantee that it fulfills its vital role. Given the cultural and geographic diversity of the worldwide umma, however, the organizing power of sharia varies considerably from place to place. In light of this fact the Five Pillars of Islam arguably play the major role in creating and maintaining a sense of community among practicing Muslims around the world. Describe the Five Pillars, and discuss their importance for the Islamic conception of the umma.

Muslim Calendar Research Paper Format:

  1. The paper must be in 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1” margins all around, and no extra spaces between paragraphs.
  2. Since sources will be cited ONLY from the text listed above, it isn’t necessary to attach a bibliography.
  3. However, there should be citation of all references parenthetically within the paper by giving the author’s or editor’s name and the relevant page number.
  4. In other words, the references should look like this: (WRT, 77) or (WoR, 122-5).
  5. It is essential that sources are cited not only when quoted directly from a text, but also when paraphrased; failure to do so constitutes plagiarism, and is a serious academic offense.

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