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Murray Bowen Research Papers

Research papers on sociological and psychological theorists can focus on their life, their notable works and theories or how they influenced sociology in the long run. Have Paper Masters custom write research on Bowen and cover any of the information you see below in depth.

Murray Bowen was a family therapist that gained critical acclaim for this development of theory in psychological practice during the 1970's and 80's. A Murray Bowen term paper notes that because psychological practice during this time focused heavily on the treatment of the patient rather than the psychology behind the treatment, the Bowenian family systems therapy model stands uniquely above other theories that were developed during this same time period.  Murray BowenIn short, at a time when therapy was the primary mechanism for treating patients with psychological illness, Bowen bucked the system and focused on theory as a primary means to help patients rather than therapy.  According to many Murray Bowen research papers, what made Bowen’s work so distinctive was the manner in which he applied his theories throughout his practice and life.  Murray Bowen research notes that Bowen passed through three distinct phases in attempting to understand his work and its broader application to the field of family therapy:

  1. Early on his focus was on the application of theory in clinical practice. 
  2. Then Bowen concentrated on the therapist’s effort to differentiate a self in the family origin. 
  3. Bowen turned his focus in teaching to locating his theory in the context of evolutionary biology and related natural systems thinking.

Critics of Bowen’s theories and ideologies maintained that his work was useless.  As many psychologists of the time were focusing on applying practical theory to the therapeutic treatment of patients, Bowen was attempting to discern how all of his ideas and theories were interconnected and integrated with one another in the practice of psychology.  Although Bowen’s work was met with a considerable amount of criticism at the time as Bryannan (1999) notes: “Seen by family therapists as radical at the time, it is now considered to be one of the best ways to help and heal family and personal troubles".

For Bowen, the process of developing his Theory was not something that happened over the course of a few years or a short career; rather as Bowen himself describes the process, the development of Family Systems Theory was “evolutionary.”  Bowen spent his entire life dedicating himself to understanding the process of family dynamics.  After graduating from medical school and spending five years serving in the military, Bowen began a career in psychiatry in 1946.  For this time forward, Bowen continued to develop his ideas and theories.  In fact, Bowen was still active in teaching and research up until the time of his death in the Fall of 1990.

Bowen’s dedication to his work and teaching is one of his most admirable qualities.  Few individuals in the field of psychiatry, and even more broadly, in any field, have dedicated themselves so intensely to their practice.  Surveying Bowen’s career and his dedication to exploring family therapy is indicative of Bowen’s desire to treat patients and families in the most complete manner.

Bowen’s dedication is reminiscent of the type fortitude displayed by such mental health pioneers as Freud, Skinner and Piaget.  While many of these men are remembered because they, in many respects, founded the field of psychology/psychiatry, they all had one thing in common, an explicit desire to help patients; a desire that led them to devote their entire lives to developing their ideologies.  Similar parallels can be drawn between these founding fathers of psychology and Murray Bowen.

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