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Mummification Research Papers

How do you start a Mummification research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Most research papers on mummification study the ritual as it began in Egypt. Immediately following death, a body was transported to an embalmer who would remove the organs that would putrefy most quickly, namely the brain and the viscera.  While most of the internal organs were removed from the corpse, the heart was regularly left in the body because it was considered to be “the seat of understanding.”  After the body had been treated with symbolism, it was then treated with ointments, spices and resins and wrapped in several layers of bandages.  In Egypt, the ritual aspect of preparation was of overwhelming importance.  Mummification was considered to be a religious rite and the embalmers assumed the role of gods performing a sacred ceremony.  Each stage of mummification has its own ritual spells; for instance the treatment of the skull was accompanied by an ancient spell designed to ensure that the deceased would never loose his or her head again.

Mummification - Transportation of the Body


At this point, the body was transported to its final resting place where the Egyptian funeral rites were performed.  Despite the fact that specific funerary practices varied at different times during Egyptian history, the basic Egyptian funeral ritual remained constant.  The ritual followed the format:

Funeral Rituals

The neatly wrapped, sweet-smelling, masked mummy was placed in its mummiform wooden coffin to await burial.  As the mummy was carried to his or her new home, magic was used to ensure that he or she would be reborn, and then the tomb was sealed. The full funeral consisted of four distinct stages each of which had its own rites and spells.  Included were:

  1. The mourning on the east bank of the Nile,
  2. The crossing of the river
  3. The procession to the cemetery
  4. The arrival at the tomb. 

Each stage was supervised by one of several priests who played different roles in ceremonies intended to identify the mummy with the dead Osiris.

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