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Modern Era

There are many academic disciplines that garner information from and about the Modern Era. It is certain that at some point during your college career, you will need to write a research paper on something that has to do with the Modern Era. Paper Masters can write your modern era research paper for you or you can use the ideas here to help you get started.

The Modern Era has been popularly identified as the period of time following the Middle Ages, dated to have begun in the 16th century. Modern EraThe modern era is further subdivided into the early modern period and the late modern period. The following are elements common to the modern era:

Modern Era Begins

The modern era begins with the Renaissance. This was the period when science began to assume a greater place in the human psyche over religion. The Age of Exploration continued this rediscovery of ancient knowledge and expanded man’s understanding of the world. This early modern period witnessed the Reformation and the rise of capitalism, replacing the feudal system that had dominated throughout the Middle Ages.

Modern Era and the Age of Reason

The French Revolution is said to mark the boundary between the early modern and the late modern period. The destruction of the absolutist regimes of Europe coincided with further advances in science and philosophy, known as the Age of Reason. Following the upheaval of the French Revolution, mechanization began to change society, leading to the early advances of the Industrial Revolution.

By the start of the 20th century, all the strains of modernism, including the preeminence of science and technology, were able to shape human society. The invention of digital technology has led some to conclude that the current era is a post modern one, increasingly being referred to as the Information Age.

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