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Research Papers n Migrants War on Terror

Research papers on various aspects of terror and terrorism in the world today can be written by the writers at Paper Masters. Whether you want your project in relation to migrants or any other group affected by terror, we can help you formulate an excellent research paper to fulfill college requirements.

“Media” reports among other texts that provide further insights on the specific discourses that inform the war on terror and its relationship to “imaginative geographies” that speak of “us” and “them”, “civilization” and the like. The research paper should illustrate how orientalist discourses are productive of certain identities and conceptions of migrant otherness that are rehearsed or deployed through mediation practices that seek to secure the nation/globe or imagine community in a certain way. Focus on the following in your research paper:

  1. How media discourses and their derivative policies impact on the everyday life of migrants from particular parts of the world (the post-colony, the “orient”)
  2. Explore mediation practices (urban planning, surveillance, memorialisation, journalistic writing, etc…) that deploy rituals of mediation predicated upon orientalist imagining/imaging of space, identity and difference. Migrants War Terror

Human migration is the permanent movement of an individual or a group of individuals over a significant distance. A migrant is defined commonly as someone who declares an intention to stay in the receiving country for at least a year. A migrant, in its simplest definition, is a person looking for something better. A person may move because of dissatisfaction with his or her community or because of the attraction of another community. The incentive might be caused by a loss of a job, disease, or the exhaustion of natural resources. These are the push factors of Migration. Push factors are more likely predominate in less developed countries, where families are large and the land is scarce or unaffordable to the common worker.

In the opposite direction, a person may choose a new community because it’s housing, job opportunities, and schooling are superior to his or her own country. These are factors that tend to pull individuals to other more developed countries. This type of migration is fueled by pull factors.

Structure your research paper in a manner that enables:

  1. Give sufficient background information on the main migrant group focused on for the paper.
  2. Employs theories or concepts that enable critical questions to be raised about the Orientalist Representations, Migrancy and Terrorism.
  3. Situate the project politically/ethically, i.e illustrate how different subjects articulate a politics of class, race, gender, sexuality, nationalism, etc… and how these discourses code everyday life or history. Engage their implications for thinking about identity/difference, about the construction of identities and encounters with otherness with special attention to mediation, atrocity and/or humanitarianism.

Remember to maintain a broad conception of politics and the political, of the self, media, violence, engage multiple texts and contexts for the research paper.

Some suggested sources on this topic include the following:

  • Edward Said’s Orientalism
  • Mahmood Mamdani’s Good Muslim, Bad Muslim
  • Mohsin Hamid’s novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2007)

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