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Middel East

The history of the Middle East has been greatly influenced by its geography. The Middle East could reasonably be considered unlucky in its physical and human geographical endowment compared to other major regions of the world, an assertion that is supported by the fact that the Middle Eastern region has been so easily invaded and occupied by other countries throughout early modern history. In the context of endowment as a natural capacity, the Middle East’s human geographical endowment presented an advantage in that it was marked by a firm and largely universal Islamic ideology, which worked to isolate or separate the peoples of the Middle East from other religions or societies.



Middle Eastern History and its Geography

In the context of the history of the Middle East, thephysical geographical endowment or location, Drysdale and Blake emphasize the region’s early misfortune by pointing out that the Middle East can be sharply contrasted with the two continents it stands between. For example, Western Europe and the Indian subcontinent to the Far East have had much larger concentrations of population while the Middle East, which “stands astride the routes between the two”, is much more sparsely populated and has a much more severe geographic climate.


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