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Michel Foucault

In this research paper you must investigate the work of a major postmodern figure: Michel Foucault. The investigation must be done in light of a philosophical question that the figure explores: "What's the nature of Power?"

In the research paper, you are expected to present the author's response to the question as well as developing your own response to the question. Michel FoucaultThe response to the question will be your Thesis, which will be developed throughout the research paper with the help of the figure (Foucault). Foucault can serve as an ally to your view and/or a counterpoint. In either case you must use his texts as a jumping off point for your own ideas.

The guidelines are as follows:

In this Michel Foucault philosophy term paper you will:

1. State a clear thesis in your introductory paragraph.

2. Maintain your focus on the philosophical issue that your are tackling in your thesis.

3. Clearly present your author's responses to your question using primary texts in as much detail you can muster.

4. Present your author's view in terms of argumentation(not just their claims, but also how they support them).

5. Present your own view, in relation to the author's, with careful and clear argumentation. Pretend that you are trying to convince someone who doesn't agree with you. Do not assume any knowledge or common understanding on the part of your reader.

6. Use one primary source, and two outside sources from legitimate academic journals.

7. Use outside research judiciously.

8. In this paper you will "not" use quotes from your author that you do not explain in your own words.

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