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Metabolic Control of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes

Research Question: Can Metabolic Control of Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Be Controlled by Education and Counseling? ***Please state the research question based on this topic, please make the subjects employees at a major utility company in New York, an Occupational Health Medical Clinic headed by 1 Nurse Case Management and 3 Registered Nurses. The program should be approved by Administration of the Occupational Health Clinic, e.g., A Physician specialized in Occupational Health.

Metabolic Control of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes

Proposal Outline:

  • Introduction:
    A short summary describing all aspects of the study.
  • Purpose (Aims/Goals) Significance to nursing and health care.
    A. Specific question to be asked:
    1. Hypothesis statement
    2. This study will explore the differences between (groups) - **** I would prefer if this on can be used.
    3. This study will determine the relationship between (Variables).
    4. This investigation will survey/explore.
  • Significance:

Describe the importance of the study in relation to health care, health policy, nursing practice, etc. You must substantiate with references from the literature. (Please state from at least 10 Literature reviews.

  • Review of the literature:

Framework for the past and present information about the study problem. Cite the publication of others. Utilize a conceptual and/or theoretical framework, when appropriate before summarizing current research (do not exceed 5 pages for this section).

  • Methods:

A. Sample - describe the sample include any delimitations.
B. Procedures - describe when and how you will approach subjects so that the consent form and instruments will be completed.
C. Instruments - with each instrument used, describe the construct and report measures of reliability and validity.
D. Design and Data Analyses - (e.g. Blood pressure measurements, before, during and after the procedure will be measured by a one way repeated measure analysis of variance). Relationship between variables will be measured by a Pearson Product Moment Correlation.

  • Human Subject:

A. Describe the number of subjects in the samples and the name of the institution (e.g., 140 patients with Swan Gantz catheter admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Omaha Hospital). **** I would like for you to base this proposal on an Occupational Health Clinic, through Nurse Case Management at an Utility Company in New York. (eg., Energy).
B. Report how informed consent will be obtained.
C. State when and how the interview will be conducted in addition to the order in which instruments will be administered. State the length of time it will take to gather data, ****(e.g., you may want to indicate that the subject group of 140 utility workers followed by case management for Metabolic Control of Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus will be meet Through Education and Counseling on a weekly basis for 1 year). To Test the proposed hypotheses you may want to use a quasi-experimental design with repeated measures in two groups(experimental and comparison groups) can be randomly assigned or non-randomly.

  • References:

Number each reference cited as presented in text. The correct APA format must be followed.

  • Budget:

A. Possible categories, if necessary

1. Personal salary and employee benefits: Please indicate the the program will be headed by the Nurse Case Manager, who has a master's degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She will have the nursing staff at Occupational Health assist in the management of the employees, therefore cost should be at minimum because the staff will be paid through the salary. The cost should only be from materials ordered, e.g., pamphlets, video, educational tools, stationary.
2. Equipment and supplies.
3. Patient care costs.
4. Computer analyses costs.
5. Consultation costs.
6. Other expenses.
** Record the TOTAL cost for the specific time period (e.g., $2,524 for 1 year).

  • Appendix:

A. The consent form, demographic data, and each instrument should be labeled with separate letters of the alphabet, e.g., A,B,C,D.
B. The consent form for patients should be written with great clarity and reflect:
1. Purpose and participation requirements of the study.
2. Length of time fore subject participation.
3. Place for investigators signature.
** Above should include about 3 separate paragraphs.


  • State (in the first person) that the subject agrees to participate in the study, without prejudice subjects.
    Date and place for signature (e.g., I understand what questions are and agree to participate in the study, etc.).


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