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Mental Retardation Research Papers

Mental retardation research papers correlate the mental disabilities associated with slow learning to the antiquated term. Autism and mental retardation have been linked in the past because of both disorders low IQ rating. Paper Masters will explicate in a custom research paper the rational behind the changing of the terminology of mental retardation to what is more currently know as mental disability. Research also focuses on mental retardation definitions and what is mild mental retardation or mild retardation. Any medical health or psychology topic relating to the disorder can be written about.

The term “mental retardation” is a disused, politically incorrect term for what is now classified as a “mental disability.” The term mental retardation was coined in the mid 20th century in order to replace other terms deemed even more offensive. However, the World Health Organization continues to use the term mental retardation in its ICD-10 codes, although the most recent DSM-5 has replaced the term. Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation Characterization

Intellectual disabilities are characterized as neurodevelopmental disorders in which the individual has an IQW level below 70 as well as delays in normal life skills. Both Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome are frequently comorbid with intellectual disability. Symptoms of intellectual disability include:

The term “retarded” came from the Latin word retardare, which means “to make slow.” It was first used to describe intellectual disability as early as 1895. Original terms for intellectual disabilities include simpleton, introduced in 1845, and moron, an invented word used to replace feebleminded. All of these terms originally were intended to have neutral meaning, but have been subjected to the euphemism treadmill, in which the word is eventually deemed an insult. It is only after the term leaves the medical community and into the general public that it becomes pejorative.

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