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Medieval Revolution and King John

A term paper on British History including the medieval revolution in government, King John's meeting at Runnymede and the signing of the charter.

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Medieval Revolution and King John

Respond in a world history research papers to two of the following British history questions.

1. Between 1066 and 1189, governmental and legal institutions underwent a process of change that was so significant that some historians refer to these changes as “the medieval revolution in government.” What were the important developments during these years? Assess the significance of these changes in terms of the operation of the king’s government.

2. In June 1215, King John and a significant number of his barons met at Runnymede to sign a charter that was put forth as a device aimed at solving baronial grievances and thus preventing conflict between the two parties. Trace the background to the political difficulties that culminated in this meeting, and discuss the major ideas contained in the charter signed on that day.

3. What were the accomplishments and failures of Edward I in his efforts to unite the British Isles under a single monarchy? Identify and explain in the term paper to the historical significance of five of the following terms.


1 page each for the five terms.

1. Exe-Tees Line

2. Celts

3. William Caxton

4. Edward I and Scotland

5. Richard II

6. Henry V

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