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Materialism in the Urban Era Research Papers

A common assignment on Materialism in the Urban Era is as follows:

The Urban Era examination of materialism Research Paper project may consist of a detailed outline (with complete introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion) and an annotated bibliography. You also may need to summarize your Materialism in the Urban Era findings and conclusions. See the individual steps in the project below.

How to Organize a Research Paper on Materialism in the Urban Era

  1. Step 1
    Materialism - The Urban EraChoose an era you would like to research. Your idea can come from your text, our course discussion, or the world of humanities around you regarding industrialism. You could potentially choose any of the artists, writers, or musicians listed in your text to research. The Materialism in the Urban Era topic that Paper Masters suggests you chose is "The Late Nineteenth Century" materialism.
  2. Step 2 Begin Your Research on Materialism in the Urban Era
    Research your Materialism in the Urban Era by finding sources on the web or in your library. You should have a minimum of 7-10 sources on Materialism in the Urban Era. The sources must be reputable and legitimate. You should NOT use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as a source. Prepare an annotated bibliography of the source material in proper APA format. Please note that your annotations will include a summary and evaluation (assessment) of the source (these must not be copied and pasted, they must be put in your own words). The purpose of collecting these resources is to learn more about Materialism in the Urban Era, and also to learn to evaluate research material.
  3. STEP 3Prepare Your Outline
    Prepare a detailed outline of what your research paper would look like. Include a complete introduction to the materialism in the Urban Era as well as a solid thesis statement. Also include a complete conclusion with analysis of your research.
  4. Step 4 Share Your Work
    Prepare a summary of your Materialism in the Urban Era and your findings. Be sure to include your own thoughts on the issue. Also, look at whether there are two sides to the issue at hand, and discuss why each side might feel differently.

Sample Introduction to a Materialism in the Urban Era Research Paper

Paris, New York, London, Berlin--the impact of modernity touched each of these historic cities and the citizens dwelling within, creating an urban materialism hitherto unseen in human civilization.  From the upward reach of the modern skyscraper to the mass production of consumer culture, the cities of the world served as a point of origin and growth for modernity during the late nineteenth century.  And while the cities of past adjusted to the changes of the present, new urban centers rose from the soil, fresh with ambition, technology, and vision.  On a widespread scale unseen anywhere else in the world, the rapid sweep of industrial, material, and cultural change transformed a swampy, remote trading post in Midwest America into the city fashioned by, and synonymous with the many forces comprising modernity and its materialistic ideals--the city of Chicago. 

Sample Thesis Statement

Thesis statement: In just a short time during the late nineteenth century, Chicago became a unique metropolis, fed by the materialism of modernity, and produced innovations in architecture, city planning, mass production, and consumerism, until it became a shining beacon to the awesome power of materialistic drive.

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