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Marketing Plan for the Internet Casino

Internet Casino is an online gambling site providing quality gaming events to online gamblers. While Internet Casino currently employs state-of-the-art technology in the operation of its site, the increasing number and popularity of Internet Casinos requires fresh, cutting-edge marketing strategies and techniques in order to compete.

Marketing Plan for the Internet Casino

Internet Casino was formed in June 1999 and is held by a limited corporation and several investors. The site was launched in January 2000. While business was initially slow and sporadic, consideration for the nature and time constraints of Internet commerce and advertising dictated perseverance and timely promotion, the result of which has been a steady and promising increase in business.

To advance the online position of and traffic to the Internet Casino we have determined that it will be important to increase our understanding and awareness of the demographics of online gambling and how it impacts our choice of marketing tools. This will include reevaluating and determining our target audience and delivering the most engaging communication to draw customers to the site. It will also include setting measurable targets to accompany our marketing efforts.

Our ultimate goal for Internet Casino will be to offer online gamblers an innovative and exciting virtual reality and theme-oriented gambling experience with enhanced digital entertainment and commerce. We ultimately want to offer our patrons the opportunity to gamble in a 3 dimensional virtual casino where they can open and retain personal accounts and experience over 45 different games, which include blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, slots and Pai Gow. In progress are plans to offer a sports book, keno, cumulative lotteries and progressive jackpots.

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