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Research Papers on
The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson’s book The Long Hard Road Out of Hell gives great insight into what makes the singer what he is today. Paper Masters custom writes all book reviews and reports. We will write your research paper on Marilyn Manson with a focus on any aspect of the rock star you need.

Manson takes the reader into an in depth look at his childhood and his emotions as a child.  While looking at Manson’s book and analyzing how the singer may have been affected by his childhood through the theories of Freud and Erickson the reader is given a strange sense of where Manson gets some of his qualities and where some of his actions may arise from.

Marilyn Manson


Manson's book tells the following facts about Marilyn Manson's life:

  • Manson’s birth name was Brian Warner. 
  • He began life as an All-American boy who went to a Christian school
  • Manson’s description of his childhood is very disturbing and insightful into Manson’s current mindset. 
  • As Manson attended Christian school his dislike for the values and ideas of the Christian faith that were forced on him grew greater everyday. 

As Manson continued through life he continually found out secrets about his family.  For instance, he discovered that his grandfather had a basement full of pornography and assorted sex toys.

Manson got out of the Christian school and transferred to a public school in his teen years.  However, the fact did not change that he never really fit in with the other kids.  He was often bullied in school, which made him very angry.  As the anger continued to grow, Manson found an outlet in music.  He listened to classic heavy metal rock bands from the seventies and eighties like Kiss and Judas Priest.

Manson discusses in the book how he was first introduced to drugs and Satanism.  As Manson continued to drift farther away from his parents he began hanging out with some boys who were into drugs and Satanism.  In fact, the brother of one of Marilyn’s friends was a Satanic Priest.  Just as Brian began to fit in with his new friends, his parents moved the family to Florida.  This is the point in Marilyn’s life in which he really begins to head down the path he is currently on.  Manson wrote poetry and stories that are similar to the songs that he sings today, filled with rage and hate.

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