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Research Papers on Machiavelli's The Art of War

Research Papers on Machiavelli's The Art of War demonstrate the centrality of the concept of state to Machiavelli’s thought and how the existence of the state is a necessary precondition for the development of a separate reason based upon it. Research papers on Niccolo Machiavelli show he writes The Art of War purely as a military treatise, for which it is seriously flawed by its lack of appreciation of the relevant tactical and organizational paradigms of the period. Whatever your topic concerning Machiavelli, Paper Masters has philosophy and political science writers available to explicate his works.

Machiavelli's Art of WarMachiavelli's The Art of War, however, appears to carefully consider the following:

  • The relationship of the military to the state
  • The fact that the military can be controlled
  • The uses to which the military can be put by the state
  • From this perspective, research papers on Machiavelli's The Art of War show the military is an extension of his ongoing development of the fundamental assumptions necessary for effective government and part of the overall foundation for a reason of state.

The Art of War

By means of this discussion of the role of warfare in Machiavelli's The Art of War, Machiavelli presupposes that the state is a separate entity.  Although this may seem commonplace to the modern observer, it was a radical proposition for his era. Prior to this time, the state was viewed as intertwined with other societal institutions such as social class structure and religion, from which the authority to govern was derived.  Machiavelli suggested that the state was not only separate from these other societal institutions, but in many respects was in competition with them for survival in an environment substantially controlled by fortune.

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