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Low Socioeconomic Schools and Parent Involvement

A common assignment on Low Socioeconomic Schools and Parent Involvement is as follows:

Critique a written article that I will use in a literary review. My literary review is on parent involvement low socioeconomic schools and its affects on student achievement. Being a teacher I think that the students who receive extra home support have better success in school. I need a 3 page write up. I have included some questions/guide lines to help. Low Socioeconomic Schools and Parent Involvement

How to Critique a Journal in low Socioeconomic Schools and Parent Involvement Research Paper:

I. What type of research most accurately describes this study? Quantitative, qualitative or mixed method? Which mixed method (sequential, concurrent, transformative)?

II. The Problem

  1. Is it clearly defined?
  2. How is the hypothesis, research questions, objective, purpose formulated?
  3. Theoretical framework?

III. Is there a review of relevant literature? Does it help make the case for the study?

IV. The Design

  1. Appropriate research design to utilize to address the problem?
  2. What is the population? The sample? What type of sample?
  3. Were the samplings (groups) methods clearly outlined, randomized (etc)?

V. The Procedure

  1. Were treatment/data collection methods described so that you could replicate the study? (or at least fully understand what they did)
  2. Was the sample adequately described?
  3. Was there an explanation of extraneous sources of error, i.e. did they control for confounding variables?

VI. The Measurement

  1. Was there any evidence of reliability and/or validity of the instrumentation?

VII. Discussion & Interpretation

  1. Were the results consistent with the obtained data?
  2. Were there generalizations made about the population from which the sample was drawn?

VIII. Was this a significant study? Why or why not?

IX. How would you have conducted the study differently? Give a rationale.

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