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Low Birth Rate Research Papers

Research papers on low birth rate examine the statistics regarding birth rate in many different types of demographics. Have the writers that custom write medical heath and sociology research paper that lay out the statistics in an easy to understand and visually attractive way.

A country’s birth rate is the total number of children born annually per 1000 members of the population. This number is calculated in several ways, including the following:

  1. Tally of live births through census or other official records stimated through demographics
  2. Birth rates
  3. Death Rates
  4. Migration rates

Many nations in the world now face the problem of a low, or declining birth rate, also known as sub-replacement fertility. Low Birth RateThis is a situation in which each new generation is smaller than the previous. In 2010, approximately 48 percent of the world lives in areas with sub-replacement fertility, including most of Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, China, and Iran. The countries with the lowest birth rates are Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Lithuania and the Ukraine.

There are several factors for a low birth rate in a given country. High education leads many individuals to delay marriage and starting a family, and educated individuals tend to have less children. Increased urbanization around the globe is also a contributor to low birth rates, since there is no need for extra labor, as in rural areas. Widespread availability and acceptance of contraceptives is also a factor in low birth rates.

Low birth rates have become national issues. China recently dropped its one child policy and many European governments have adopted policies encouraging more women to have children.

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