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Locke's Theory of Knowledge

Locke’s theory of knowledge research papers detail his Essay on Human Understanding and depends heavily on the ideas that are formed in the mind from sensations provided by experience and ideas that are in the mind which are cognizant to reflection. Locke's Theory of KnowledgeSince these ideas have a central place in research papers on Locke's theory of knowledge, if they do not hold up logically or make sense on the basis of human nature and experience, Locke's theory of knowledge does not hold together. If Locke’s theory of knowledge ideas do not hold up in the research paper, the many facets of his theory of knowledge discussed in detail in An Essay on Human Understanding do not come together to make a comprehensive and coherent theory of knowledge, but instead are little more than an inventory and analysis of numerous facets of what is entailed in experience, understanding, and knowledge. If the ideas do not hold up, Locke’s theory of knowledge work is basically a work of keen and extensive analysis rather than a theory of understanding that gives a relevant and sufficient theory of human interaction with the objects and qualities of the world and a work which enables persons to come to a worthwhile understanding of the world.

In this research paper, review John Locke's introductory paragraphs to his theory of understanding and critique the sensation and perception which go into the ideas that are formed in the mind. Concentrate on the sensation and perception because if Locke's explanation of these is faulty, then his notion of the ideas that form in the mind is faulty.

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