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Literary Style in Research Papers

Literary style is often examined in research papers on themes within a work of literature. Paper Masters has expert writers that will explicate literary style on any work of literature you need.

Literary style is the way in which an author uses the following elements to tell the story:

Literary style is an expression of an author’s original voice. Various techniques can be employed in order to tell a story in a unique way, and many authors can be identified by their literary styles. For example, the works of John Steinbeck or William Faulkner have a distinctive style that it recognizable.

Literary Style

Literary Style

One of the major ways in which an author can employ a particular literary style is through the use of a narrator. While many works of fiction are told in a third-person voice, the use of a first-person narrator can greatly influence the style of the work. One of the most famous narrators in American literature is that of Ishmael in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. Narrators can be unreliable, allowing certain elements of the story to remain obscure or even distorted in order to convey a certain mood.

A second major element of literary style is the tone of the author. A writer like Stephen King, for example, often employs an informal tone to draw readers into a relationship with the story. Other writers prefer a more formal tone as an aspect of their literary style. Writers can even break some of the rules of grammar in order to create a specific style. Often the use of loose grammar may attempt to reflect a lower-class character in style.

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