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Literary Criticism of A Road Not Taken

Paper Masters custom writes literary criticism of poems such as Robert Frost's famous A Road Not Taken.

Literary Criticism of The Road Not Taken can be explicated in a research paper that focuses on Robert Frost's most well known work. Your research paper should offer a practical criticism of this poem that emphasizes the words that appeared in the poem, rather than relying on preconceived beliefs about the poet or a particular text. By analyzing this poem, be sure to include the following:

  • An examination of the expressed meaning and emotions of A Road Not Taken
  • Demonstrate that Frost's poem uses the metaphor of two roads to describe the course of people's lives and the uncertainty involved with choices.
  • Note in your research paper that A Road Not Taken also emphasizes the importance of these choices, and the ultimate difference they make in one's life.

Imagery in A Road Not Taken

The poem consists of twenty lines and a formal rhyme scheme. It is written in the first person, and the first line describes an image of two roads diverging in a yellow wood. Literary Criticism of A Road Not TakenThe poem's speaker is faced with a choice that he must make between the two roads, and is sorry that he cannot travel both. He remains at this divergence for a long time, comparing the two routes by looking as far down one as he can see. While one of the roads is "bent in the undergrowth," he finds the other road more attractive because "it was grassy and wanted wear." However, the poem's speaker also notes that both roads are "just as fair," and both appear to have had no other travelers that morning.

Metaphors in A Road Not Taken

The poem's use of the roads as a metaphor for the courses available in life is appropriate and effective. Like the poem's speaker, individuals arrive at many forks in the road during the course of their lives. This may take the form of following the well-traveled road of the American dream, with a steady job, family, and comfortable retirement. On the other hand, one may choose the road less traveled, the one that is grassy and wants wear, and become a wandering poet.

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