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Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic anthropology is the study of how language is used on a daily basis as well as the influence it has on everyday life. This particular branch of anthropology was institutionalized in an attempt to save certain languages that were facing extinction. Linguistic anthropology is an important field because of the following:

  • Language is the primary method of communication carried out within the societies and among all cultures.
  • Language is the method by which people convey different ideas and thoughts to others.
  • Language is the way by which people discover and draw conclusions concerning the ideas and thoughts of others.

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Working in the Field of Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology

The field of linguistic anthropology helps to answer important questions about language including its role in establishing social settings and behaviors as well as its role in dictating or supporting social inequalities. Linguistic anthropology also works to reveal how language and it expression are impacted in societies by similarities, differences and even conflicts in areas that include but are not confined to politics, finance, social and cultural surroundings.

Linguistic Anthropology Research

Those who work in the field of linguistic anthropology conduct research primarily through the collection and examination of data and historical documents and the analysis and interpretation of the results of that information. Linguistic anthropology is a subfield of the social science fields and although entry-level positions in this field can be attained with a bachelor’s degree, most positions require a Masters degree or Doctorate.

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