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Levinas' Meaning and Sense

Write a research paper on a specific article by Emmanuel Levinas "Meaning and Sense". Summarize the article and explicate the main arguments he is trying to make as well as forming your own opinions as to whether or not you agree or disagree with his arguments as well as validiting opinions with concrete reasoning. Levinas' Meaning and SenseDo not sight any sources or information outside of that specific article nor directly quote anything from the article (hence no works cited page). ...the paper doesn't need to be too sophisticated with overly zealous vocabulary.

In Emmanuel Levinas’ article entitled, "Meaning and Sense" the author is seeking to find the meaning of meaning. While this may seem quite redundant, the reality is that Levinas’ work seeks to understand how it is that man has reached the point of knowledge. In order to accomplish this task, the author uses a number of notable arguments, that when placed in logical, concrete terms, appear as if they are feasible in the spectrum of basic rationalization. In order to elucidate the arguments made by Levinas’ and further demonstrate their feasibility, this investigation considers Levinas’ work and how his ideologies can be justified in a philosophy research paper.

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