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Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are an important part of any education major's criteria for obtaining a degree. It is important to understand the role of learning objectives when designing curriculums and in presenting lesson plans.

In education, a learning objective is a specific and detailed description of what children in a classroom should be able to accomplish following the end of a lesson. Many learning objectives follow Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives, spelled out with an action verb and a specific object. Paper Masters custom writes research papers on learning objectives; helping you understand their importance and formulating a plan for implementing learning objectives into every aspect of the curriculum.

Learning Objectives and Teaching

Learning Objctives

For practical purposes, learning objectives are statements that specifically describe what students should be able to do following teaching. Frequently, smaller objectives are specifically spelled out towards the aim of an over arching objective. Learning objectives cover three areas of learning:

For teachers, the creation of learning objectives involves figuring out what the students should be able to do following instruction. These are based on the educational philosophy of the curriculum and are measurable outcomes. Learning objectives, by being measurable, also measure the effectiveness of teaching methods. If students cannot meet the specific learning objectives, then a breakdown in the process is evident.

Learning Objectives Help Focus Teachers

Learning objectives not only help focus a teaching lesson but also help to prioritize learning. If students can evaluate their learning process and measure their progress, this allows them to take greater responsibility for the process. Learning objectives can be simple or demanding, based upon both the concept to be learned and the advanced level of the students.

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