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Leadership in Human Resources Research Project

A Leadership in Human Resources Research Paper will be written on the bases of a interview take on leadership in HR (what the person sees understand, his definition on the subject and what the meaning is to have the HR responsibilities). To begin, discuss leadership in THE INTRODUCTION bit, which sets the scene for the main part. I know this can be hard due to the fact that you do not have the main part. Nevertheless you can in the introduction eg. tell about the historic aspects, different definitions etc.

The following should contain:

  1. Introduction: set the scene, why is this interesting, aims/research questions
  2. Background/theory/relevant research

The paper will need footnotes containing author, name of book, publisher, year and page number. Good research technique demands that you should NOT use internet/magazines, only books!!

The tone of a Paper on Leadership in HR

The following are a list of "Do's":

  • FormalLeadership in Human Resources
  • Impersonal
  • Well-organized and structured
  • Clearly expressed
  • Logical
  • Coherent
  • Clearly defined paragraphs
  • Unity of paragraphs (eg. through Leadership in Human Resources sentences)
  • Argumentative
  • Informative


  • Colloquialisms
  • Contractions
  • Chatty/personalized modes of expression
  • Ambiguity
  • Repetition
  • Inconsistency
  • Unqualified statements
  • Circumlocution
  • Errors

Overview of Human Resources

The quality of the human resource management within an organization will have a direct impact on organizational competitiveness and effectiveness. In general, human resource management transforms the way an organization manages and retains its people. The human resource department’s key function is to manage, hire and train people in a manner that enables the organization to meet its goals. There are many ways the human resource department accomplishes this task, including controlling turnover rates; encouraging employee involvement; creating policies related to minority workforce populations, competitive pay and incentive structures, and mentorship programs; the development of training and development policies; in-depth employee selection processes; performance management techniques, and the use of new technology and virtual workspaces.

The last 10 years has provided an evolution in human resources (HR) management.  The scope of the discipline has broadened to a more macro dynamic or what is known as a strategic perspective. This perspective is called Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and emphasizes the importance of human resources in the strategy of an organization’s performance. Emphasis is placed upon assessing environmental change and adapting the organization to the resulting threats and opportunities. Strategic decisions are global, cut across functional lines, and usually involve long-time horizons and long-term resource commitments and risks.

Organizational structures draw boundaries around the activities of individuals and groups and help to specify and develop the relationships between them. Informal structures in an organization can also be said to emerge from the values, perceptions and motivations of individuals interacting in the formal structure. Structures, whether formal or informal, are political in that they help or hinder the ability of individuals and groups to influence decision making. One of the major ways in which structures affect the influence process is in the access they provide or deny to decision-making arenas. Structures therefore affect the power of individuals and groups and the interests they represent. It can also be suggested that they regulate what expertise is available, in which arenas, and with how much influence on decision outcomes. Of particular concern here are the distribution of functional favoritism in hierarchies and the career structures provided by the organization.

It goes without saying that an organization that engages in a particular strategic way of doing business must adopt effective ways of human resource management.  In theory, the greater the success of joining management practices and with human resource strategies leads to greater performance for the organization.  The evidence to support this assumption is illustrated by Jackson and Schuler (1988) and Arthur (1994) in studies that followed different strategies of HR practices.  Studies have shown that productivity and profitability are affected by HR practices.

There are variances in human resource practices, however, those applied to people management have been given the most attention by industries. Managing personnel circumspectly has become the first effort to creating a distinct and competent business strategy for an organization.  Training, worker participation and teamwork are essential to its competitive edge.  There are those industries whose market will move too quickly to merit an investment in people management or training development. The downside to this is that there is a trend toward shorter employment periods and high turnovers in many organizations.  These organizations may hesitate to invest in training or utilizing employees who may move to a competitor, therefore ignoring the fact that the lack of training makes for a weak and incompetent work force.  Regardless, most industries can benefit by increasing the scope of employee training, teamwork and participation within their organization.

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