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Latino Academic Progress

Research Proposal for Latino Academic Progress Research Paper:

  1. Includes a brief statement of a research question: How does home environment,
    including language and culture, affect the academic progress of students
    in middle school from a Latino background?
  2. Address its rationale (why is it important and interesting to the writer
    and others)
  3. Introduce the question
  4. Include 4-5 sub questions
  5. Discuss one or two of the implications of the question (who would be
    impacted or informed from the results of the research?)
Latino Academic Progress

Research Plan for Latino Academic Progress Research Paper:

  1. Details how the writer plans to explore and investigate the research
  2. Introduce the Methodology section with a paragraph stating which three
    data-gathering methods to be used to answer the research question.
  3. Add an anticipated data analysis section to the methodology section.
  4. Identify the participants to be included in the research.
    The town/city:( and information about it ):
  5. Generally, indicate which groups will be included in your research.
  6. Include a Procedures section in which you in describe how you will obtain
    consent from the principal, superintendent, teachers, students/parents,
    staff, etc. (permission slips, etc.)Include any unusual circumstances
    or anticipated difficulties you might have with this (anxious parents,
    language barriers, etc.)
  7. Identify in separate side headings each of the three methods you
    will use to gather data.
  8. In each method, include: who and how many will participate
    in this method; how you’ll contact them; how you’ll obtain consent;
    if interviewing, where and when will you interview them, for how long,
    sample questions ; if sending out a questionnaire, when will you
    distribute, how, sample questions, how long and in what format, how long
    do they have to complete them, how do they return them to you; if
    conducting an observation, when, for how long and for how many visits,
    describe the classroom/ or area to be observed, will you videotape or
    audiotape, what will you be looking for. For all of the methods,
    include what you are seeking.
  9. Identify the possible implications of your research that you see for
    educational practice in an Implications section.
  10. The order of the paper is: introduction (1pg), literature review (5pg),
    methodology (4pg), results to date (1pg), implications (1pg),

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