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Latin American Literature

Latin American literature refers to a wide variety of literature in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, indigenous languages, and English. Latin American LiteratureThe content of Latin American literature can vary dramatically, but it has, over time, included topics ranging from daily activities and religious practice of pre-Columbian societies in Central and South America, the perspective of native populations during Spanish and English colonization of the region, literature revolving around the struggle for independence, and modern-day issues of identity and cultural clashes between traditional practices and those of contemporary society.

Over the years, many Latin American authors have risen to prominence in their respective fields. Author Jorge Luis Borges, for example, is an Argentine short story author that many credit with building the fantasy genre to what it is today. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a 20th century novelist from Colombia, is credited with developing the genre known as magical realism, blending elements of the magical world with events and locations that exist in the ordinary world. Pablo Neruda was a poet from Chile that wrote sweeping love poems as well as poetry in the surrealist style; he also used his talents as an author to pen political pieces in support of Communism and Socialism. Similarly, Mexican author Octavio Paz stands out as one of the most influential Latin American authors of the 20th century.

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