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Latin American Economics

Latin American Economics research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

When examining the development of Latin American economies in the late twentieth century, it becomes quite clear that the policies adopted in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay have been among the most extreme. Latin American EconomicsAccording to an author (2000) “the military regimes opened the economics to the international market and implemented neo-liberal reforms under conditions in which dissent was savagely shut down”. What this effectively suggests is that while the governments of these countries were able to liberalize trade—a movement that has been widely favored by the United States in recent years—the governments were also quick to brutally silence any dissent that was put forward by those in the country who thought that the developing nations should exercise some degree of restraint.

Assessing the effects that neo-liberal trade policies have had on the development of these countries, it is fair to argue that while liberal trade has indeed opened the door for Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay to develop trade in international discourse, it has left many of the countries’ citizens in a precarious position. An author goes on to note, “their economics had the unique distinction of experiencing simultaneous increases in per-capita incomes and increases in the absolute numbers of their populations in poverty”. As this suggests, while the overall economy of these three countries is improving the process of trade liberalization is serving as the basis to place millions of average workers in abject poverty.
At the heart of the economic problems that exist in these countries is the question of which model is best suited for the development of the country overall.

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