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Language and Globalism Research Papers

How do you start a Language and Globalism research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Globalism, also known as globalization, describes the process of developing international ties developed through common interests. Globalism also conveys the privileging of worldly concerns over domestic or internal affairs. Language is a necessary tool of globalism in the following ways:

  1. As individuals, business organizations and whole nations develop new international ties, they must acquire the language skills required to solidify and strengthen these bonds.
  2. To insure all actors are on the same page in regards to business and political endevors, language needs to be understood.
  3. Understanding cultures ties language and globalism Language and Globalism

Globalism trends exert tremendous influence upon language acquisition and use. While translators are one potential option, individuals truly interested in globalism will seek to develop skills in more than one language so that they may communicate directly with their new friends, business partners and allies. For this reason, individuals interested in business and political careers will find the acquisition of a second or third language very useful.

The English language has benefited tremendously from globalism. English is spoken by more people around the world than any other language. It is the preferred language used by academics and business persons in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia. Certainly, some language variations, such as the development of regional dialects, do exist. However, the underlying language structure and vocabulary remains essentially English. In fact, the spread of the English language has led some political officials in Europe to support legislation that will require the use of European continental languages within meetings of the European Union.

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