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Kotter Change Model Research Papers

Organizational change and management are ever evolving topics that require study when in an MBA or a business program at the college level. Have the writers at Paper Masters explain change models for you in a custom research project that focuses on John P. Kotter's change model.

When an organization – no matter if it is a ten-member student club or a multi-thousand employee international corporation – wants to undergo change, there are various ways to achieve this goal. In 1995, John Kotter developed an eight-part model for change that can help an organization of any size undergo a successful transformation


The Kotter change model entails the following elements:Kotter Change Model

  1. First, a sense of urgency must exist; this can be accomplished by analyzing the competitive environment and determine what can be the catalyst for this dramatic change.
  2. Second, a group must be formed that has the power, initiative, and dedication to lead this change. The process will not be an easy one, so the individuals selected as leaders for this transition must be able to shoulder the weight of the task.
  3. Third, a vision for change and strategies to accomplish this change need to be developed, considering all aspects of the change and all the individuals that will be impacted.
  4. Fourth, this vision and plan needs to be presented to all involved and interested parties.

Once the plan has begun, the final four stages come into play. Fifth, all individuals – from the highest-ranking executive to those who feel they have a menial job or no role in organizational success – need to be empowered to push the change forward. Everyone should be encouraged to think outside the box and present solutions to problems they identify. Sixth, short-term victories should be celebrated, and the individuals responsible for these successes be praised accordingly. Seventh, improvements should be reflected upon and incorporated throughout the organization to help incite greater positive changes. Newly hired employees should be dedicated to the transition, and the vision should be revisited occasionally to develop new goals or alter existing ones. Finally, the connection between the success of the organization and the various changes that were made need to be identified and shared; this will encourage others to embrace the changes and actively work to consistently improve.

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