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Knowledge Management in Business

Need help with a research paper? What follows is a sample of a term paper on Knowledge Management in Business that our writers have created. Knowledge management in business term paprs describe methods of knowledge transfer that they observed in a particular organizational environment. The authors point out that the wide array of theoretically-based scholarship pertaining to knowledge management and knowledge transfer in the last decade has resulted in a considerable degree of confusion for managers who seek an approach to informational flow that is readily applicable. In answer to this gap in the extant published literature on the subject, the authors develop a structural model for knowledge transfer within an organization, which they developed after observing the way that a particular firm handled informational flow. The method proposed by the authors is based on an analogy of “publish-subscribe,” in which extant knowledge is made available and accessed on an as-needed basis, following a flow chart that accounts for the particular organization structure of a firm.

Knowledge Management in Business

Likewise, a knowledge management in business term paper focuses on developing a readily applicable model for knowledge transfer within an organization. Affirming that the current business climate places an unprecedented emphasis on knowledge in the leveraging of competitive advantage and market share, the term paper surveys the development of knowledge management by making a qualitative review of key publications on the subject, outlining the major elements of knowledge management and knowledge transfer that have been identified by previous researchers. Then, the term paper synthesizes the concepts outlined in the literature review, discussing ways that theory can be applied in facilitating the transfer of knowledge within an organizational environment. A research paper asserts the considerable importance of effective knowledge management, while emphasizing that superficial gestures towards the facilitation of knowledge transfer within an organization will not effectively engender a corporate culture that genuinely values its intellectual capital.

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