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Henry Kissinger research papers are often required because the American diplomat was one of the most famous political figures of the 20th Century. Paper Masters can help write a research paper on Henry Kissinger and link the man's life to all his many accomplishments in a clear and concise reading.

Henry Kissinger (b. 1923) is an American diplomat best known for the following:

  • Serving under Presidents Nixon and Ford
  • Instrumental in opening China to the West
  • Détente with the USSR
  • Negotiating peace efforts in the Middle East

Born in Germany, Kissinger’s family fled the Nazi Regime in 1938. After serving the US Army during World War II, Kissinger received a Ph.D. from Harvard in 1954.


Kissinger and Realpolitik

In 1969, Kissinger became the National Security Advisor to President Nixon, where he became a proponent of Realpolitik, the idea that diplomacy and power should be based on realistic situations, not ideology. As a result, Kissinger was instrumental in negotiations with North Vietnam, for which Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

Kissinger also advocated détente with the Soviet Union, which led to several nuclear arms reduction treaties, including the SALT I treaty and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. In 1971 he traveled to China, paving the way for Nixon’s historic 1972 visit.

Kissinger and Diplomacy

Following the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976, Kissinger left government service, but has continued to be an advocate for US diplomacy around the globe. During the Iraq War, he served as an unofficial advisor to President George W. Bush. He is also the founder of Kissinger Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in international relations.

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