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Kindergarten Classrooms

Kindergarten classrooms are unique places in the educational arena. When embarking on research into kindergarten, there are many ways to approach this interesting educational topic. In order to assist education majors researching topics pertaining to kindergarten classrooms, Paper Masters has outlined a sample research study on comparing a Public Montessori Kindergarten classroom to a traditional Kindergarten classroom. Specifically, your research can illustrate how state standards and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 are played out in each of these classrooms. This investigation seeks to discern the central differences between the education provided in a public school system, like a Montessori kindergarten classroom, to a traditional kindergarten classroom. The central objective is to determine if the education provided in one of these settings is more conducive for meeting the mandates set forth in the No Child Left Behind Act. Given the profundity of the consequences that can occur if the mandates of the Act are not met by the school, there is a definitive need to understand the differences in education that are provided in both of these educational settings.

Question to Consider about Kindergarten Classrooms and Your Research Study

  1. Kindergarten ClassroomsWhat are issues, problems, or conditions that suggest a need for this study?
  2. What is the primary research question? What is the scope of the study? What are the boundaries and what will not be covered in this research?
  3. Why are these questions important?
  4. What is the rational for this research question?
  5. Why is there interest in the Kindergarten Classrooms? Why is there need for further study? How will an inquiry lead to improvements in student experience, student learning, and/or student achievement? How will an inquiry lead to improved equity and justice in the context of schooling?
  6. What terms need to be defined in this study?

Brief Overview of the Topic

Public Montessori and traditional kindergarten classrooms employ markedly different tactics for the education of kindergarten students. As such, it stands to reason that the methods used by educators will have markedly different outcomes on student learning. With this in mind, it is feasible to assume that the specific educational tactics that are employed in each classroom will impact the outcome of standardized test scores. In short, the specific teaching methods used in the classroom will impact student learning in different ways. As such, there is a need to determine what works best and implement these tactics so that the guidelines set forth in the No Child Left behind Act can be efficiently and effectively met.

Because the national standards developed by the federal government are so important to maintaining federal funding for the schools, there is a direct imperative for educators to know which effective teaching methods work and which do not. With this information in hand, educators will be better prepared to ensure that students are able to perform on the standardized tests, acquire the scores needed and retain the federal funding that is critical for the survival of the school. If a public school is unable to meet the standards set forth under the federal guidelines, the suspension of federal funds to operate the school could drastically affect the quality of the education that is provided by the school. In short, teachers need practice teaching strategies that will help them boost the abilities of their students. With these tools clearly outlined, educators will be able to ensure that their schools do not lose the funding that they need to deliver quality education

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