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The client’s initial remarks demonstrated that he was already aware that he exhibited a problem with anger or, at the very least, that others had told him that he had a problem.  At the same time, he did not hesitate to point out that he had a history of abusive behavior that involved police intervention on at least two occasions.  His general demeanor revealed that he was a young man with limited self-esteem or confidence however he was forthcoming about his early pursuit of post secondary education and, although menial, his pursuit of regular employment. He is an ideal canidate for anger management treatment.


The client’s intake information and initial remarks present a clear case for a strength-based approach in assessing his needs and goals.  Discovering Kimo’s strengths and identifying areas for improvement will offer greater benefits than assessing him from a problem-based perspective for the primary reason that his most significant problem – the inability to deal with anger – has already been determined both by himself and those he deals with on a regular basis.  With Kimo’s problem in managing anger already determined, the assessment can utilize one of the most significant aspects of the strength-based approach by motivating him to find solutions to that problem.

The application of a strength-based approach in this case will involve conducting an informal strength interview to determine the positive characteristics that he demonstrates in his relationships as well as those elements that contribute to his positive behavior.  The interview will also involve identifying what elements or circumstances contribute to his anger, his pattern for dealing with that anger and its most frequent outcome.  Summarizing the client’s strengths and identifying areas that need improvement in this manner will contribute to the assessment of his functioning as well as to the determination of appropriate behavioral planning that will assist him in dealing with anger both on the job and outside of the workplace.

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