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Karl Marx

Karl Marx research papers report that Karl Marx is known as one of the premier conflict theorists, and he believed that economic factors are the basic source of conflict. For Karl Marx, social inequality was seen as evil and something that needed to be replaced within society. Toward this end, Karl Marx identified three basic features of society in an effort to show how social structure is determined by a society’s economic organization. Karl MarxThese basic features include: 1) the material forces of production, 2) the relations of production that arises from the material forces and includes property relations and rights, and 3) legal structures and ideas developed from conflict between the laboring classes and owners. In addition, Karl Marx believed that what happens in society (changes, conflicts) are a result of the underlying forces of production.

Karl Marx believed that industrialization brings people together into social communities where they are forced to interact with one another. As a result of this forced interaction, individuals become aware of their common interests and have established a base of society. According to Marx, those who suffered from an unjust life did so because of the social system (capitalism) and not because of others. The bourgeoisie created wealth from the labor of the proletariat and was the source that created social classes.  The most interesting point that discovered in Marxism was that Marx viewed individuals as inherently good and made his arguments for the universal man who worked for his own subsistence and enjoyed life and recreated when he wished, instead of the proletariat working part of the day for himself and part for the bourgeoisie. For this reason, societal reality could only change through conflict, meaning that change would come when the proletariat overthrew the bourgeoisie.

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