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Karen Horney

Description for Karen Horney Term Paper:

  • Read an autobiography on Karen Horney and then apply a theory of your choice to the autobiographical infomation (like a "case illustration").
  • In essence, apply a major theoretical models, and apply the theory using an autobiography (as a case illustration).
Karen Horney

Subheadings for Karen Horney Research Paper:

  1. Introduction to your paper including information such as your interest in the theory and autobiographical material selected, and what you will be discussing in the paper.
  2. Describe your theory of choice, including the main concepts of the theory, and its view of human behavior (with relevant literature reviewed and referenced according the APA 5th edition format)
  3. Apply the theory to the autobiographical material that you read. How would your selected theory describe the personality development of your subject; the various thoughts, feelings and behaviors characteristic of your subject; and their interpersonal relationships?
  4. If your subject entered into counseling for personal growth or to address an area of subjective distress, how would this theory inform your ideas about what process in counseling would best facilitate change for this person? What goals might you have for this person based on your selected theory? What aspects of this case are not well addressed by your theory of choice? Are there any other theories that you might consider employing to address these areas (and why)?
  5. Written in a clear, concise and organized manner according to APA (5th edition) format, including abstract page and references page(s). References should include more than your textbook and the Autobiography you choose. (Please note--no running heads are necessary as this is not a paper submitted for publication).

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