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Justice research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?
A central theme in the interaction of humans is the search for justice.  Political philosophers have defined justice many ways, from the results of utility to the benevolence of welfare. Justice John Rawls, however, offers a different perspective on justice based on the assumption “that persons must be regarded as possessing an original and equal liberty…”.  Justice, then, is a contract between people of equality.  Rawls’ theories on distributive justice offer an ideal form of justice because it appeals to elements of equality and liberty necessary for social stability.

Rawls defines justice as: The elimination of arbitrary distinctions and the establishment, within the structure of a practice, of a proper balance between competing claims.

Justice is based on a social contract, in which each person has equal liberty and chooses to adhere to moral principles.  In the Rawlsian theory of justice there are two main principles: each person “has an equal right to the most extensive liberty compatible with a like liberty for all” and “inequalities are arbitrary unless they will work out for everyone’s advantage, and provided the positions… to which they attach… are open to all”.  In order to be in accordance with justice, any inequalities must favor the lowest rung of society, or those with the least advantage in a given situation.

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