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John D. Rockefeller

A common assignment on John D. Rockefeller is as follows:

Purpose: The purpose of this research paper is to explore, in depth, what made "success stories" out of Americans who were inspired to be creative,resourceful, ambitious "shakers and movers" in their time periods.

Questions to Consider when writing John D. Rockefeller Research Paper

  1. John D. RockefellerHow did he get his start?
  2. What,if any, formal education did he have?
  3. What were their parental influences like?
  4. What character traits enabled him to be successful?
  5. How and where were these personal traits exhibited?
  6. What obstacles did he have to overcome and how did he overcome them?
  7. What inspired him to do what he did ?
  8. At what personal cost(monetarily, emotionally, physically,etc.)did he reach his goal or achieve his accomplishment?
  9. What were the strategies he used to be successful in his endeavors?
  10. What was his management style?
  11. What was his personal philosophies about people, success, problem solving, etc.?
  12. What is his legacy to us TODAY? How did he impact thinking, attitudes, and accomplishments of later generations? What do we have today that is a "spin-off" or continuation or modification of his success?
  13. Did he have a "dark side?" What was his faults/weaknesses/personal problems?Did he overcome his personal flaws? Why? Why not? How? What did his rivals/foes/enemies have to say about them?

SCOPE: In this research paper he has to represent the "spirit of entrepreneurship" by his successful endeavor to invent, design, create something new or improved, or accomplish something "ground breaking" in his field. The focus here will be biographical; that is , my research will focus on the person's life and accomplishments.

If you can please use as many web site and encyclopedia "work cited" as you can so to compose the paper so I can retrieve them off the internet and library.

Paper must be MLA format 4-5 pages in length NOT including work cited page.

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