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Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper: Who was the Real Jack the Ripper?

Format for Jack the Ripper Research Paper:

  • Use 10 sources.. no more no less.
  • The paper has to be in MLA format.
  • It has to be 6-7 pages Jack The Ripper

Needed for Jack the ripper Research Paper:

  • 2 internet sources (Ledgible, not personal websites.
  • 2 Articles or Periodicals.
  • The remainder 6 reference books,etc.

Below are the names and authors of six books that you can use:

  1. Jack the Ripper: the complete casebook...By Donald Rumbelow.
  2. Jack the Ripper: first American serial killer...By Stewart P. Evans.
  3. Murder and Madness: the secret life of Jack the Ripper...By David Abrahamsen.
  4. Jack the Ripper: 100 years of Investigation... By Terence Sharkey.
  5. Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper--case closed... By Patricia Cornwell.
  6. Ripper Legacy: The Life and Death of Jack the Ripper... By Martin Howells and Keith Skinner.,

These books are in no particular order to the research... If you can use some these books, or all of them.. that would be great.. If not, somwhere along these lines..

One of the articles you can use:
"THE HUNT FOR JACK THE RIPPER"., BY William D. Rubinstein

All copies of the sources are needed... ANYTHING YOU USE IN THE PAPER...whether paraphasing or summary, or actual quotes...what ever page or pages from ANY sources is needed. If at all possible.

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