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Research Papers on Islam in the Modern World

A research paper that discusses the animosity between the East and West with respect to Islam in the modern world can be custom written from Paper Masters. It will use a variety of academic sources to show that Islamic extremists are to blame for the animosity, and it will base this judgment on facts derived from these sources. One very good resource to use is Jocelyn Cesari's When Islam and Democracy Meet.Islam in the Modern World

The East and West share many common beliefs and there are many Muslim's who denounce the recent terrorism and wish to co-exist peacefully with the West. Unfortunately, there are Islamic extremist groups, such as the Taliban, who have mistreated many of their own people, such as women, and have created an atmosphere of tension between East and West. It is these Islamic extremists who are to blame for the current animosity between East and West, not Islamic beliefs or the mainstream Muslim community. Investigate whether this is accurate in your religion term paper on Islam in the Modern World.

Research Paper Topic Suggestions for Research on Islam in the Modern World

The concepts of Islam and democracy are not contradictory, yet in the modern world, those concepts are sometimes seen very far apart. Some topics to explore include the following:

  1. How the view of Islam is distorted in today's world
  2. How does your community view Islam?
  3. Are there any moral differences between Christianity and Islam?
  4. What is the future of Islam in Western society?

Former United States President George W. Bush has said that it is America’s charge to bring democracy to the Middle East, and his attempts have not been well-received.  This has led some commentators to wonder if Islam and democracy are inevitably poised at opposite ends of the political spectrum.  Jocelyne Cesari believes that this not always the case and she argues that Muslims in the West are challenging the idea that they are unable to accept democracy within the context of their religion.  In When Islam and Democracy Meet: Muslims in Europe and the United States, Cesari explores the idea that Islam will become a major force in both the cultural and the religious institutions of America and Europe in the years ahead. 

Jocelyn Cesari is not simply another addition to the multitude of modern authors who have written about Islam to capitalize on a polarized audience.  Cesari was the Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at Harvard University and was also a research associate in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University.  Cesari has been speaking and writing on the acceptance of Islam in the greater Western community and the acceptance of Western ideals in the Islamic community for several years and her latest book develops upon that concept.

Cesari offers up a challenge almost immediately. 

With nearly twelve million Muslims living in the larger countries of Western Europe and almost six million in America, the challenges of integrating newcomers within different countries, and the place of Islam in democratic and secular context in the post 9/11 context, have become more pertinent. (vii) 

Cesari’s assertion is well supported by recent events.  The attacks of 9/11, while tragic, have given the world a different perspective on Islamic-Western relations that perhaps it would not have otherwise.  Combined with Islamic fundamentalist attacks in Europe, and the much of the Western world has come to view all of Islam, not only fundamentalists, as threats to global peace and prosperity.

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