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Internet and Election Campaigns

I would like you to write a research paper/ historiographical essay that explores the effect of the internet upon our most recent election campaigns.

Please trace the effect of the following in Internet and Election Campaigns Research Paper:

  1. YouTube
  2. Blogging
  3. Podcasting
  4. other technological innovations
Internet and Election Campaigns

Upon the 2006 Midterm Campaign and the 2004 Presidential Election.

Please use at least 8 sources (I believe there’s a good Vanity Fair article on this somewhere)

I would like Internet and Election Campaigns Research Paper to tie into the bigger theme of Marshall McLuhan’s seminal book “Understanding Media” and I’d like you to look back at the methods of communications used in a much earlier campaign (say the McKinley /Bryan campaign) and compare and contrast the methods of communications between those two times.

Please take the ANALYTICAL position (NOT an Editorial position) that by looking at a short history of political communication or indeed communication in general we realize that neutral, non biased reporting of events has never really existed until now.

At the same time please push against this theory by analyzing how YouTube and Blogging is now being twisted by the 2008 Presidential Campaigners. It’s important that you use as many sources as possible ONLY USE INTERNET SOURCES FROM TRUSTED ONLINE SOURCES and not from Joe Smith’s Blog because that does not interest me in the slightest.

It’s important that you use a lot of interesting books:

  1. History Books
  2. use the film “And So Goes the Nation” that discusses the 2004 presidential election that was just released on DVD.

ALSO DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE BOOKS YOU USE TO REFERENCE use them to build the argument in an elegant and well structured manner (don’t just dump the quotes in the text) also every word should count and it’s important you don’t just pad the text to reach the word count.

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