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International Adoption

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Since 2004, the number of international adoptions has decreased nearly 50%, despite the media coverage of high-profile celebrities who have completed inter-country adoptions. While the question of what has caused such a steep decline begs to be asked, the answer lies within the ever-increasing list of rules and regulations imposed upon prospective parents by foreign officials.

International Adoption

According to the CRC, four principles must be maintained in international adoptions:

  1. Non-discrimination (CRC, Art 2);
  2. The child’s best interest (CRC, Art 3);
  3. Right to life, survival and development (CRC, 6);
  4. Respect for the child’s views (CRC, 12) (Mezmur, 2012).

But within these “best interest” standards, are certain countries taking advantage in a bid to keep their native children within their own borders?
Take China, for instance. According to a recent CNN report, China implemented a lengthy list of rules for foreign adoptions. A handful of these rules prohibit adoptions by foreigners who are morbidly obese, homosexual, blind, single, or over the age of 50—all in a bid to protect the children, according to Chinese officials.

The result of these “best interest” policies, and the manipulation of rules by foreign officials has caused a steady increase in the number of orphans remaining in their home countries and a decline in the rate of foreigners looking to adopt internationally.

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