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Integrative Project

A common assignment on Integrative Project is as follows:

Students are required to engage in an original integrative project reflecting their comprehensive knowledge of the course material. The Session Long Project for this class consists of an integrative project emphasizing the application of concepts from this class towards an organization with which you are familiar.

Integrative Project

The student will perform an SLP (Session Long Project) in five parts:

  • First, select a company and a product or service they are or might target for international markets. The first step, and provide an explanation for the choice of the company. This paper will be just 2 pages.
  • Second, do a strategic situation analysis of your chosen firm. You'll do a strategic situation analysis of your firm. Concentrate on a SWOT analysis, the 5-forces model for an industry analysis, and a competitive analysis. Analyze the capabilities and competencies of the firm (make sure you know the difference).
  • Third, discuss strategic fit, how your chosen strategy provides direction for your company’s international effort given the situation as analyzed. Generate a list of strategic alternatives that fit your given situation. Discuss how your strategies will enhance the firm's performance, and how the strategies will fit your given environmental situation. Also, how do your strategies provide direction within a global environment?
  • Fourth, discuss how you will implement your strategic plan throughout the firm. We are primarily interested, at this point, in seeing how these implementations of resources (technology, people, capital, knowledge, information, and raw materials) fit into the overall corporate strategy you have been discussing.
  • And fifth, integrate the above SLP steps into a strategic plan for the proposed export (or import) of a product or service by a company as preparation for entry in the global marketplace. Turn in a strategic plan report of 10-15 pages in length.

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