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Industry Competitors

Reading and Writing Assignment for Industry Competitors Research Paper:

  1. It is to be a minimum of 1000 words or 4 pages.
  2. Be sure to add a bibliography listing where you received your information.
  3. Appropriate headings and formatting.

Select one pair of industry competitors from the list below and write a long formal informational report comparing and contrasting how the two companies are addressing the topics also outlined below.

This report will require considerable research.

Select one pair for Industry Competitors Research Paper:

A) Gateway; Dell (computers and software industry)
B) Merrill Lynch; Schwab (finance, banking, and insurance)
C) Barnes and Noble; Amazon.com (book industry - retail and wholesale)
D) UPS; Fed Ex (trucking and freight industry)
E) Southwest Airlines ; American Airlines (airline industry)

The Industry Competitors Research Paper must include:

  1. Fundamental philosophical differences in management styles, launching and handing products and services, marketing products and services, and approach to e-commerce.
  2. Future challenges that each competitor faces.
  3. Important decisions made by the two competitors and how those decisions affected their company.
  4. Fundamental differences in each company's vision of their industry's future (for instance, do they both agree on what consumers want, what products to deliver, and so on).
  5. Specific competitive advantages held by each rival.
  6. Past challenges each competitor has faced and how each met those challenges.
  7. Strategic moves made by one rival that might affect the other.
  8. Company success stories.
  9. Brief company background information.
  10. Brief comparative statistics such as annual sales, market share, number of employees, number of stores, types of equipment, number of customers, sources of revenue, and so on.

Industry Competitors Research Paper Topic Suggestions

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