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Individual Psychology

Individual Psychology is the theory founded by Alfred Adler. Adler decided to become a physician because he suffered with Rickets as a young child. He became an ophthalmologist and then later went into general practice. Later Adler started working in the field of psychiatry. Adler was invited to attend a psychoanalytic discussion group with Sigmund Freud. For a few years Adler served as President of this group, which adopted the name Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. Individual PsychologyAdler left the group after a while because he disagreed with some of the Freudian theories. Adler published papers and lectures on psychology during the years of 1912-1914. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Individual Psychology that follows your guidelines.

Individual Psychology and Adler

In 1912 Adler set up the Society of Individual Psychology. Adler believed that human motivation was fueled by a need to feel powerful in order to overcome owes own insecurities. This desire for power and greatness affects the thoughts and behaviors of individuals. Adler believed that every person was a different individual with different desires and personality. This individual personality is evident in the way that a person lives their life. This theory is known as Individual Psychology. Individual Psychology does not just refer to the individual person, but also to the environment that surrounds the individual as well as any other people in which an individual interacts.

Others that are linked to Individual Psychology

Adler theorized that a well-adjusted individual should be able to make needed adjustments in their life to overcome the insecurities they have within themselves.

Adler also believed that an individual person could not separate oneself from the whole of society. All problems that a person might experience during the duration of their life are social problems.

Adler’s Individual Psychology has played a role in child development theory. Individual Psychology has also been linked to the work of the work of:

His methodology is still used in modern counseling and psychiatric practices.

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