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Independence for Southern Sudan

Southern Sudan, a hotbed of civil violence and unrest for almost half a century, will become an independent state in 2011. Southern Sudan’s fight for independence through secession has been fostered by decades of discrimination and aggression by the Arab Sudanese government and its military, which are based in Northern Sudan. The problems between Sudan’s northern government and Southern Sudan have been manifested most recently in the Darfur conflict. Independence for Southern SudanThe conflict in Darfur, which is located in western Sudan, has played out for almost seven years because of tensions between the Arab Sudanese government and South African Sudanese. In both Darfur and Southern Sudan, the Arab Sudanese government has responded to rebellion with extreme violence toward civilians.

Southern Sudan has long sought to separate from Northern Sudan and become an independent state however Northern Sudan, which is the government seat of Sudan, has fought just as long against Southern Sudan’s secession. The Sudanese government has argued against the South’s secession based on the belief that it is not politically capable of running its own government. Experts maintain however that the Sudanese government, largely representative of Northern Sudan, has been more concerned about losing the South’s oil reserves. It might also be concerned that an independent Southern Sudan will also work to fuel rebellion against the government in other regions of the country.

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