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Inclusion and Education

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Within the last decade, a stronger emphasis has been placed on diversity and anti-biased behavior within the educational sector. One strategy that has been part of the diversity and anti-bias movement within education is inclusion. The inclusion strategy can be defined as being a process taken by public and private educational institutions to include or incorporate students that suffer from disabilities or special needs within a traditional classroom environment. Instead of being separated or segregated from traditional students, this strategy allows students with special needs and disabilities to learn and grow along with peers in a single classroom setting.

Inclusion and Education

Although much controversy has surrounded the implementation of this strategy within the public and private educational sector within the United States, research studies have found the process to be beneficial to special needs students as long as traditional students. One benefit that can be experienced in educational institutions that implement inclusion strategies is a greater compassion, understanding, and acceptance of children with special needs and disabilities. A second benefit that can be experienced is improved academic performance among students with special needs and disabilities. A final benefit that can be experience with the implementation of this strategy is self-esteem improvements in traditional students and students that suffer from special needs or disabilities.