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Research Papers on the Inaugural Address of Andrew Jackson

Inaugural Address of Andrew Jackson research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Taking office more than 50 years after the founding of our nation, Andrew Jackson maintains a very rigid, formal tone throughout the course of his inaugural speech, referring time and time again to the specific list of tasks before him as outlined by the Constitution. Inaugural Address of Andrew JacksonDuring his tenure as President, Jackson faced a great debate regarding the powers of the various branches of government, one that would continue for many years. While many presidents used their inaugural speech to set a positive, hopeful tone for their term, Jackson remained very stoic and strict, abiding by the document that formed the nation and set the stage for his leadership.

Jackson systematically moves throughout the tasks that are before him, ranging along the lines of the following topics:

  1. Administering the laws created by Congress
  2. The management of public finances
  3. He alludes to the notion of states’ rights, referring to them only in the sense that he pledges to not impede on those privileges the states possess as described by the Constitution.
  4. He also refers to how he intends to address issues with the Native American population, a common concern faced by many Presidents of his era.

What sets Jackson apart from many other speakers, though, is his deference to those who had gone before him. Jackson was not a politician by nature; he was an everyman that appealed to the masses. With such limited experience in the formalities that accompany politics, Jackson knew he had to look to his predecessors if he was to achieve success. Pledging to lead by their example, Jackson set the stage for what many historians consider a successful presidency, though it was marred with conflict that would persist for generations.

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